Install on Linux

Once you have downloaded the installer archive, open Terminal and cd into that directory.

cd <path to installer archive directory>

In this section, you will need sudo privileges.

The /opt directory is reserved for all the software and add-on packages that are not part of the default installation. Create a directory for your TD IDE installation.

sudo mkdir /opt/TD_DECEMBER2018

and extract TD into the /opt/TD_DECEMBER2018 directory:

sudo tar -xvf TD_DECEMBER2018_GOLDEN_RHEL.tar.gz -d /opt/TD_DECEMBER2018/

Create an /usr/bin/td executable by creating a new symbolic link from the /opt/TD_DECEMBER2018/bin/td

sudo ln -s /opt/TD_DECEMBER2018/bin/td /usr/bin/td

Run TD IDE in GUI mode

$ td -gui


Congratulations, you have installed the TD IDE on Linux.