Getting to Blinky

Blinky example is good way to test the setup. Following example will blink the Tang’s onboard RGB LED.

Get blinky example code from

git clone

You will need git for above command to work.

Run TD IDE in GUI mode

$ td -gui

Open the Blinky example.

In the Menubar goto Project -> Open Project or use the shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+O.

Open project

Select the Project file Tang_FPGA_Examples/0.LED/prj/ in Open Dialog.

Open project dialog

Generate the Bitstream file.

Click on Run Icon to start compilation process.

Start Compilation

If compilation successful you will see the Console log as shown in picture below.

Console log

Download Bitstrean to Lichee Tang.

Plug in you Lichee Tang board to USB and click on Download icon to open Download Dialog.

Open Download box

Make sure your device detacted by TD IDE. Add generated bitstream file by clicking on Add button.

Open Bitstream

If you can’t see your device, try refreshing it by chicking on Refresh button.

Select the Bitstream file Tang_FPGA_Examples/0.LED/prj/led.bit in Open Dialog.

Open Bitstream dialog

Click on Run button to start Download process.

start download

Due to some unknown bug, JTAG work only with 400kbps or lower speed on Linux.

Wait for Download progress to reach 100%.

Downlod progress